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       About Growney Brothers . . .            


As owner of Growney Brothers Rodeo Company, John Growney has always attributed his success to surrounding himself with the best of the best!   Breeding programs that produce the high caliber of bucking horses and bulls needed for today’s rodeos is what Growney Brothers is all about.

Don Kish, owner of the Buckin’ Best breeding program, has been with  Growney Brothers from the beginning.  Known for legendary bulls such as Wolfman and Gods’ Gift, Kish has not only reached, but maintained, the degree of excellence needed for today’s top rodeos.

Tim Bridwell has taken over the reins of the horse breeding program and brought it to a new level that ranks among the best today! 

There are numerous others that, through their hard work and dedication to Growney Brothers Rodeo Company, continue to bring together all that goes into the production of your rodeos.

John truly does surround himself with the ‘best of the best’ and it is this team effort that makes each and every rodeo such a success.




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